Boat Wraps

At Khan Kustoms, we specialize in crafting and applying vinyl boat wraps, giving your vessel its unique look and style plus an important layer of protection. With over 14 years of experience, you’ll be getting the best vinyl boat wraps Gold Coast has to offer.

Looking for Great Vinyl Boat Wraps on the Gold Coast?

Our Gold Coast custom boat wraps incorporate a unique vinyl coating that is expertly applied to the exterior of a hull. Being such an easy-to-use material, vinyl boat wraps can be worked onto most crafts, of all shapes and sizes, resulting in a premium finish that you’ll love.

Boat Wraps
Vinyl Wrap boat

Why Vinyl Wrap My Boat?

Vinyl boat wraps and jet ski wraps Gold Coast are great for a variety of reasons;

  • Minimal maintenance post application
  • Cost effective protection 
  • Cost effective branding opportunities
  • UV protection that protects your paint and gelcoats
  • Protection from general wear and tear
  • Increases resale value 
  • Eye catching designs and colours

What Can I Vinyl Wrap?

Being such a convenient material to use, vinyl wrapping can be applied to a range of commercial, luxury and recreational crafts.


For those that operate in the tourism or fishing industry, Gold Coast custom boat wrapping is a great way to protect the longevity of your asset, creating a shield from the harsh UV rays that can slowly destroy your hull’s gel coat. Once this Gelcoat has deteriorated, a boat’s paint will become dull and the fiberglass underneath will become significantly more susceptible to the elements and abrasions, resulting in an unsafe vessel. 

Our Gold Coast custom boat wraps also help to market and brand your commercial boat business by creating a point of difference from your competition, resulting in a professional finish that guests and customers will enjoy and remember. 


A person’s boat is often viewed as an extension of themselves and expresses their love of being out on the water with their friends and family. A Gold Coast custom boat wrap is a great way to uniquely add that extra bit of personality to your beloved craft whilst also protecting your asset from the wear and tear that comes with water activities. 

Own a jet ski? Jet ski wraps Gold Coast is another service that we offer to our clientele for that extra bit of flair and protection that will be sure to stand out and impress. Whether it’s a slick and simple feature, or you’re looking to really enhance your jet ski with a fully-custom vinyl wrap, we can help you.

Though vinyl wrapping a jet ski is proportionately more expensive than wrapping a boat due to the intricacy of design, we can still provide you with a stand jet ski vinyl wrap on the Gold Coast in a short time. 


Do you own a luxury yacht, catamaran, cruiser, speed boat or racing yacht?

Our Gold Coast boat wraps are an excellent option for protecting your vessel from the elements as well as from any abrasions and scratches that often arise in busy docks and bays. Vinyl wraps Gold Coast also provide a stylish alternative to the exterior of your boat, giving your vessel a look that is unique, fun and lively.

How long does vinyl wrap last on a boat?

Wraps tend to last up to 7 years, but this is dependent on a range of factors, in particular how often the boat or jet ski is used and how exposed it is to the elements. The custom boat wrap can last longer in certain areas, like the hull of the boat. 

We use premium materials that are hardy and long-lasting, helping to ensure you get a great lifetime out of your jet ski or boat vinyl wrapping.

Why vinyl wrap a boat instead of painting?

It is substantially cheaper to vinyl wrap your boat or jet ski than it is to have a full marine paint job. Vinyl wrapping on marine craft also doesn’t fade or go cloudy like some marine paints, keeping your boat looking new for longer! Vinyl wrap does not damage your paint job either, and they’re much easier to care for – no expensive maintenance required when you vinyl wrap your Gold Coast boat!

For all your custom boat wrap or jet ski wrap Gold Coast enquiries, feel free to contact us here.