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    Service Overview

    Our philosophy is, we should only do what we absolutely love doing and have fun, because when you do what you love doing that makes you standout! And if that brings excitement in other peoples life too then it’s no brainer.

    At Khan Kustoms Australia we are the best in the industry, with 14 years of experience you get the right advice from the start of the project and we aim to deliver the WOW factor in your life at the end of each project.

    When it comes to Signs and Vinyl wrapping it's not as easy as it looks, there’s a lot to do right in the back end of any project ...

    It all starts with the right advice. Each project requires a different approach in regards to why you need it done / What’s the best way / How much and when. 

    Choosing the right product, which can withstand the Australian climate, and inspection of the surface to meet the vinyl adhesive properties – otherwise the vinyl will fail.

    Color Profiling and correction on machines for large format use according to the graphics file.

    Creation of eye-catching designs and proper vector files creation for large format usage. 

    The expert techniques for installation of each product is different which requires years of experience to achieve outstanding results.

    UV protection techniques to withstand the Australian harsh sun must be applied, as all the products are manufactured in Europe and America where it’s not as harsh a climate as in Australia.

    Why Choose Us?

    We collaborate directly with the wrapping companies and top lead wrappers in the industry all around the world so no job is too big. We’ve got you covered!

    After sale customer care, that means once you become our customer we will look after you not just during the job but more importantly after it’s finished! We love to have long term relationships with our customers, through follow ups and making sure our work is speaking for us out there.

    As we work very closely with top manufacturers worldwide it makes it easier to claim warranty on products if something does happen to go wrong.

    If you are not sure how we can bring excitement in your life with vinyl wrap, don’t worry, just ask our friendly team and we can give you ideas.

     We specialise in delivering designs that work best for your needs and catches your customers’ attention.

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